The King of the King, King Delo Atom (End of Old-Age)

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The King of the King, King Delo Atom (End of Old-Age). Explore the Cosmic Odyssey! While hard copies are available for domestic readers only, we welcome overseas readers to embrace the adventure with the convenient soft copy option, delivering the wonders of the universe right to your digital devices.

These three series of books are the first of Delo, written in ancient times, and they are the latest editions that will no longer be printed, as a newer, more precise volume will replace them. Therefore, I have kept these books only as memorabilia for those who wish to cherish the story of the first book of creation as a grand gift. The quantity is limited, not exceeding 200 copies, thus the price increases as they diminish. Act swiftly to secure this precious gem, for it will not only gain value over time but also leave behind a legacy of its own, a cherished keepsake for generations to come.

First Hard Copy Edition

Embrace the past, own the legacy: Delo's timeless trilogy awaits!

Step into the ancient world with Delo's timeless trilogy, a limited edition collection that embodies the essence of a bygone era. These cherished volumes, steeped in history and wisdom, offer a glimpse into the origins of Delo's profound insights. Act fast to own a piece of literary history before the new edition takes their place, preserving the legacy of Delo's inaugural works for generations to come.

King Delo

Empowering Minds, Reigning Wisdom: King Delo Unveils the Book of Knowledge!

The King of the King, King Delo Atom (End of Old-Age)

Step into the mesmerizing world of "The King of the King, King Delo Atom (End of Old-Age)" - a profound book penned before the year 2020 AD, earning its title as the Book of the Old-Age Era. This captivating work delves into the intricate realm of atoms, diverging slightly from the contemporary insights found in the "Delo Knowledge" series. Within its pages, discover the fascinating trajectories of particles, the dance of atoms, and their celestial resemblances, offering a unique perspective on the cosmic connection, though not in the same format as the newer series. Nevertheless, this masterpiece presents structural issues and comparisons, unveiling the intricate alignment with celestial motions and uncovering a multitude of enthralling discoveries. Journey into the heart of the atom and explore the vast mysteries of cosmic harmony through this awe-inspiring exploration.


To ensure that readers can easily follow the contents of the Delo Knowledge series books, I have divided them into two main eras: the ancient era, consisting of three books numbered one to three, and the modern era, comprising books numbered four to nine. The Ancient era books primarily focus on learning methods and discoveries, while the current era books aim to establish and confirm various concepts.
However, all modern-era books from number four to eight have a consistent format in their introductions and conclusions, setting a unified tone for the entire series across all collections, so readers do not need to search for these messages in different books. Therefore, I apologize if readers find this repetitive. Nonetheless, my intention is to convey a definitive message to you, using two different tones—one of friendship and the other of combat—that symbolizes the battle between intellect and thought.
Regardless, my purpose is to awaken you with a slightly louder voice, providing warnings before entering hazardous stations that Earth may encounter.

book of knowledge series

  1. The King of the King, King Delo Universe (End of Old-Age).
  2. The King of the King, King Delo Atom (End of Old-Age).
  3. The King of the King, King Delo God (End of Old-Age).
  4. Delo Knowledge: Universe, Earth Imperial Calendar
  5. Delo Knowledge: Atomic Structure.
  6. Delo Knowledge: Molecule.
  7. Delo Knowledge: Light, Electron and Positron.
  8. Delo Knowledge: Atomic Nucleus.
  9. Delo Knowledge: The Revelation of the Third Wish.
  10. Delo Knowledge: The Power of God (not yet written).

If I live long enough, I will rewrite three books from the old era, bringing the total to twelve plus one books.

From Cosmos to Atom: Unveiling the Universe's Microscopic Secrets.
In a cosmic dance of mystery, the cosmos and the atom converge, revealing hidden secrets and profound connections. From the grandeur of celestial bodies to the intricacies of subatomic particles, the universe unfolds its enigmatic tapestry. Delving into the depths of space and exploring the fundamental building blocks of matter, we witness the unity that binds all creation. Embark on a journey that bridges the macrocosm and microcosm, illuminating the profound relationship between the vast cosmos and the infinitesimal atom.

Author: Amir Key-KHosro Amini
Title: Moghan
Publisher: King Delo
Language: English
Type: Atom
ISBNs eBook: 978-0-6487796-3-6
ISBNs Hard Copy: 978-0-6487796-2-9
Print Length: 89 Pages
File Size: 34,481 KB
Date Published: 20/03/2020
Genre: Science