The Impending Catastrophe

Have you ever heard in fairy tales that there will come a day when the sun rises in the east, and the earth rotates to the east? This happens when the sun passes through the Plane Zone A-Hole region. It is at this time that the northern and southern hemispheres of the earth move, and as a result, unprecedented phenomena appear around us.
 As the earth undergoes this inversion while maintaining its axial rotation, the sun now rises in the west instead of the east. Therefore, when the earth and our sun reach the beginning of the constellation Scorpius, or in front of the center line when the sun enters the constellation Taurus, at this moment a strong lightning is released between the upper atmosphere and the earth. And in this exchange, a heavenly cry is heard from under the earth and from the sky.

Along with the displacement of the earth's poles and the disturbance in the oceans, the anger released from the deep seas will go toward the coastal cities. And if you can survive this transformation, you'll witness the sunrise in the west, delivering a heartbreaking message. This news will freeze you because it indicates that you have entered the deep ice age, which will last 11,016 years.

While I have accurately predicted the dates of these events in the Earth Imperial Calendar, I invite you to witness these dark events through the lens of praise for the mighty Delo King. My intention is to open your eyes so that you can understand the sinister events more clearly.