Mithra: Illuminating the Cosmic Order and the Path to Enlightenment

Mithra, the ancient Indo-Iranian deity associated with both the Vedic god Mitra and the Zoroastrian god Mithra, holds a significant place in various ancient cultures. Revered as a solar deity symbolizing light, truth, and justice, Mithra's influence spans across millennia, captivating the imagination of those seeking wisdom and enlightenment.

In ancient texts, Mithra is often depicted as the "Messenger of the Sun," heralding the dawn of a new era. It's said that Mithra emerged during the dawn of the Earth's warming period, following an ice age that lasted over 11,000 years. This pivotal moment is symbolized by Mithra's sacrifice of the sacred bull, as depicted on ancient stone inscriptions. The image of Mithra holding two torches, one pointed downwards and the other upwards, signifies the half-spin rotation of particles within atoms—a celestial dance mirroring the cosmic order.

Mithra's legacy extends beyond mere symbolism; it encompasses a rich tapestry of teachings and rituals, many of which were shrouded in secrecy and reserved for initiates of the cult. These teachings likely delved into the nature of the universe and Mithra's role within it, imparting timeless wisdom to those deemed worthy. Central to Mithraic belief was a strict moral code emphasizing virtues such as loyalty, courage, and integrity—an ethos that resonated deeply with initiates seeking spiritual enlightenment.

The cosmic battle between light and darkness, epitomized by the tauroctony—the iconic bull-slaying scene—symbolizes Mithra's role as the champion of light amidst a universe gripped by cosmic turmoil. In this cosmic drama, Earth, akin to a ship navigating the celestial seas, finds itself in a period of transition, ushering in a new era of warmth and illumination. The struggle against the forces of darkness is echoed in Mithra's battle against the "Upside-Down Devil," as depicted in ancient Iranian iconography.

The hierarchical structure of Mithraism reflects the intricate tapestry of cosmic order, with initiates ascending through various levels of membership to attain spiritual enlightenment. Mithraic rituals and teachings provided initiates with guidance and reassurance about their fate in the afterlife, instilling in them a sense of purpose and direction amidst the tumultuous currents of existence.

As we traverse the cosmic cycles, every 11,016 years, transitioning through the half-spin orbit around the cosmic hole, we find ourselves on the cusp of a new ice age, heralded by celestial signs and cataclysmic upheavals. It is in these moments of cosmic reckoning that Mithra's teachings offer solace and guidance, illuminating the path to eternal salvation amidst the ever-changing currents of existence.

Mithra was the first keeper of inscriptions that unveiled the cosmic dance of particles and celestial orbits.

And since Mithra stands as the inaugural custodian of inscriptions, leaving behind an indelible mark on history. This monumental figure embodies the cosmic choreography of particles and celestial bodies, a spectacle witnessed in the half-cycle orbits of its fundamental constituents.
In a mesmerizing display, these particles and orbits intertwine in an orbital dance, governed by their own set of laws. This intricate ballet unfolds as a finer layer within the core of the atom occupies space, expanding its realms. Subsequently, another layer forms around it, spiraling outward to occupy a greater expanse within the atom's shell, where electrons reign. It is within this celestial theater that the constellations of the zodiac gracefully ascend upon its central nucleus, ushering in the formation of our universe.
With each cosmic revolution, our world takes shape, echoing the timeless symphony orchestrated by Zurvan and reflected by Mithra.

Therefore, Mithra was the first person to emphasize the inversion of the earth's poles in the inscriptions and discovered the semi-orbital circulation, known as half spin of the earth and the elements that make up the atom. The Semi-circular or half spin movements of particles inside the atom, which are reflected in the universe, represent an impending catastrophe.

Have you ever heard in fairy tales that there will come a day when the sun rises in the west, and the earth rotates from east to the west? This happens when the sun passes through the Plane Zone of A-Hole region. It is at this time that the northern and southern hemispheres of the earth move, and as a result, unprecedented phenomena appear around us.
 As the earth undergoes this inversion while maintaining its axial rotation, the sun now rises in the west instead of the east. Therefore, when the earth and our sun reach the beginning of the constellation Scorpius, or in front of the center line when the sun enters the constellation Taurus, at this moment a strong lightning is released between the upper atmosphere and the earth. And in this exchange, a heavenly cry is heard from under the earth and from the sky.

Along with the displacement of the earth's poles and the disturbance in the oceans, the anger released from the deep seas will go toward the coastal cities. And if you can survive this transformation, you'll witness the sunrise in the west, delivering a heartbreaking message. This news will freeze you because it indicates that you have entered the deep ice age, which will last 11,016 years.

While I have accurately predicted the dates of these events in the Earth Imperial Calendar, I invite you to witness these dark events through the lens of praise for the mighty Delo King. My intention is to open your eyes so that you can understand the sinister events more clearly.