Delo Letter 20

Discover the Secrets of the Universe Through Celestial Patterns
Allow me to introduce myself; I am a merchant. Whenever someone inquires about the secret to success, I respond in this manner: Luck presents itself to everyone every day, yet we often overlook its significance, merely passing it by. With a simple examination, one can discern the substance behind apparent emptiness, and that, my friend, lies in listening. People are often unwilling to invest their time in listening first and then contemplating. Consequently, they avoid it, potentially overlooking a grand opportunity that could lead to their free downfall! Therefore, it is our own misfortune when we disregard good fortune and fail to recognize it. And perhaps, right here, right now, is your chance to leave a lasting legacy — to be the first to grasp the truth through logic. If my findings prove to be true, rest assured, you will leave an immortal mark upon history.
I earnestly implore you to pay attention to the discoveries I have made through studying celestial phenomena. This discourse may seem peculiar to you, and you might be tempted to dismiss it outright, while the reality of our world transitions from the extraction of celestial patterns to the layering of various orbital strata, from protons and neutrons to electrons arranged in the atomic shell, shaping the world as we know it today. I invite you to explore my findings in the series of Delo books, which sequentially delve into the interpretation of our world through the lens of celestial motion.
I am but an ordinary individual in this world, devoid of a mentor to earnestly guide me and set me on the right path to share my research with fortunate individuals for further investigation.
Furthermore, my friends or acquaintances cannot comprehend my knowledge as they, too, are ordinary beings engrossed in their daily livelihoods, perceiving my path as fruitless. Astonished by my idiom ignorance, they even recoil from the mere thought of contemplating this subject, causing great distress to me and forcing me to keep this knowledge within. However, I am aware that this knowledge must reach the right hands to uncover the truth of our world.
But how does one discern truth from falsehood? The answer is quite simple. Firstly, by listening, then by reading, researching, and finally, by putting it to the test, one can confirm its validity. Therefore, I beseech you to first pay attention to a series of short videos available on YouTube at the link provided below. If you find them beneficial, kindly request the complete set of these books by replying to this email address, and I shall graciously send them to you for further exploration.
These films include summaries in Persian and English on the revelation of divine secrets. In the beginning, they deal with self-introduction and the knowledge of Delo. Then, they provide brief explanations about cosmic, atomic, and molecular revelations. Finally, they present the manifestation of divine power, with the interweaving of all present in harmony.

Let us embark on this journey together and unlock the mysteries of the universe.
Warm regards,