Delo Letter 19

I perceive you as a brilliant mind in the scientific realm, one who has consistently strived for knowledge. Therefore, I consider you a knowledgeable individual, and it is for this reason that I reach out to you to share my findings, aiming to pique your interest in this scientific matter. I chose you because I have been following your endeavors and have recognized you as a pragmatic individual who expresses opinions through logic.
Through my own logical deductions, I have acquired insights into the intersection of physical, chemical, and divine sciences. I have compiled these insights into a series of books, and I am delighted to share them with you. With the new knowledge obtained through the study of eclipses and conjunctions, we can map celestial bodies among the constellations. Subsequently, utilizing findings from atomic physics, we can accurately depict atomic structures and, through atomic bonding, illustrate molecular formations. By understanding their properties, we can better comprehend the shapes of galaxies through molecular connections.
I understand this conversation might come as a surprise to you, but know that I myself am unsure how to contain the excitement within me, as I yearn to knock on the door of friendship and seek your assistance. In these books, you will witness impending events that will grip our Earth in the near future, and I seek your guidance to conduct research in this area. I hope you will accept this series of Delo books as a gift from me and read them. They are written in a sweet and simple language but delve into proving unpleasant truths with the help of modern scientific discoveries, which we must be aware of.
As a dignified and forward-thinking individual, I kindly request your evaluation of my findings. If you find them to be accurate, I implore you to assist me in disseminating this information so that everyone can be informed about the subject.
Warm regards,

The Epoch of Mithra: A Journey Through Warm and Cold Eras
Greetings to two esteemed ladies of profound thought. I have an alternative perspective on the sacrifice of the bull by Mithra that I would like to share with you.
The age of Mithra begins when Mithra sacrifices the bull, marking the time when the sun enters the constellation Taurus during spring, symbolizing the start of the year and the beginning of spring. This moment is flanked by two torchbearers: one with a torch held high and the other with a torch pointed downward, representing the reversal of Earth's poles. This celestial event heralds a cycle of 11,016 years of warmth followed by 11,016 years of cold. Mithra's act of sacrificing the bull ushers us into a warm and prosperous era. However, when after 11,016 years, the sun enters the constellation Scorpio in spring, just as the scorpion stings the bull's testicles, it signifies a shift into a cold period lasting 11,016 years. Currently, the Southern Hemisphere is cooler than the Northern Hemisphere, and this pole reversal will swap these climatic conditions.