Embarking on a Journey of Discovery: The Delo Series Challenge

Respected religious leader,
Before the creation of a film that has yet to come into existence, I wished to share a word with you. This letter is a part of my ongoing efforts to garner the attention of esteemed leaders of the Zoroastrian faith. I hope to do so before the film is made, and avoid the regret of being left uninformed afterward. I wanted to seize this opportunity to issue a renewed warning to you.
Despite my earnest attempts, even delving into logical and rational arguments, my pleas have gone unanswered. Therefore, I implore you once again to consider accepting the Delo Series books as a gift in section 18 of the Delo Letter. I trust that you, as leaders of the Zoroastrian faith, will take pride in discovering the truth of our existence. Please grant me this honor so that together, we may introduce these invaluable books to the world. Through your endorsement, these books, which gain true worth when seen and read by esteemed religious leaders like yourself, can be shared with humanity.
Moreover, please recognize that this knowledge bestows glory and authenticity upon all religions worldwide.

In one word, I want to say what these books offer us: Insight. By reading the Delo Series books, a visually impaired individual can expand their perception of the real world, both in its intricacies and grandeur. These books grant sight to the blind, allowing them to see the world as it truly is.

The text of a film that will be made soon

Embarking on a Journey of Discovery: The Delo Series Challenge
Dear esteemed audience,
In a quest to ignite intellectual curiosity and foster a spirit of exploration, I extend a unique opportunity to those who seek enlightenment through the Delo Series. From the date of this film's release until one month thereafter, I invite individuals desiring complimentary copies of the Delo Series to participate in a special giveaway.
Here's the essence of the challenge: I will gift three volumes from the nine-book Delo Series to 50% of the applicants, selected at random. These volumes delve into the realms of cosmology, atomic science, and molecular mysteries, offering unparalleled insights into the world's most profound knowledge.
To participate, each individual must comment with a number ranging from 1 to however many thousand applicants there may be, along with their chosen pseudonym. Upon requesting the three Delo Series volumes of interest, participants must ensure to check the previous commenter's number and choose the next available one accordingly. It's as simple as that – unlock the secrets of the universe within these three volumes.
However, there are two conditions to uphold: Firstly, recipients of these volumes must return to this platform after reading and sharing their thoughts in the comments, fostering a community of insightful discourse. Your feedback is invaluable and may distinguish truth from falsehood.
Secondly, by engaging in this challenge, you not only stand a chance to win a prize but also contribute to a greater understanding of our world. Your courage in accepting this gift amidst reluctance from academic, scientific, and even religious leaders speaks volumes about your intellectual fortitude.
Rest assured, your name shall endure as a testament to bravery and intellectual curiosity, immortalized on this platform for generations to come.
Warm regards,
Amir Amini