Cultivating Enlightenment: A Plea to Spiritual Leaders for Delving into the Delo of Truth

Every day, as I open my emails with a glimmer of hope, longing for a response from you, esteemed spiritual fathers, I find myself deeply saddened by the absence of your guidance. I wonder why I have failed to capture your attention to the profound knowledge encapsulated within the sacred texts of the Delo Science series. Could it be that I haven't presented myself in an elevated manner, or perhaps my attire lacks the pristine purity you seek? While I engage in my trade and lead a modest life, I take to penning letters to revered figures like yourselves, seeking enlightenment in matters of faith. For if I aimed to indulge the common folk, I would have turned elsewhere. It is towards luminaries such as yourself that I turn, for it is you who possess the discernment to recognize the value of these texts and understand the service they can render to humanity. Therefore, I implore you to accept this humble gift, read it, and delve into the true realities that surround us. For it is you who can grasp its genuine worth.
This introduction serves as an invitation for you to get acquainted with me and to request the scholarly volumes I possess, so that I may share the secure links with you. Make sure to read these books, for within their pages, I discuss science and knowledge, reviving ancient scientific evidence.
Since my early childhood, from around the age of 2 to 5, I recall an intriguing memory of my youth—a voice echoing within my mind, saying, "Question everything they tell you; it's a lie. Go and seek the truth!" I held such confidence in this voice that until the age of 16, I tested everything to discern truth from falsehood. Eventually, this voice faded into the recesses of my memory, dismissing it as mere fantasy. However, I continued my pursuit of knowledge, and during my youth, I came to comprehend certain cosmic realities. Yet, it mattered not whether others acknowledged it; I simply shared it with a select few intimate friends.
Now, having authored the Delo Science series, I see how contemporary knowledge is challenged to distinguish between truth and falsehood. These Delo books boldly showcase the real truths they contain. And because scientists refuse even to read them, let alone believe in them, I am reminded of that childhood voice in my mind. This certainty grows within me that if I were to discover that all modern knowledge is a fallacy, and that truth lies within your Delo knowledge, then surely this voice was from a real world we once inhabited.
We traverse through interconnecting spaces of movement, linking to each other, and in doing so, we lose our memories due to passing through the convoluted and magnetic gateways, forgetting the responsibility we once undertook to enter this material world! It was a struggle between good and evil in this material world. Therefore, you, spiritual fathers, defending the fortress of faith in God, protect us from the abyss of lies in this material world. So why not put the illuminating volumes of the Delo series to the test, to discern the right path from the wrong, with the presence of your own enlightenment? And after opening your eyes, be the first to awaken other religious leaders from the slumber of ignorance.

Please refer to Delo's Letter 18 to obtain this precious gift of mine, which becomes invaluable with your reading of the Delo Series books.