An Urgent Plea for Enlightenment: The Fate of Our Future Generations

As despair creeps in and my mouth remains shut from the weight of despair, I find myself constantly pondering the role of a father striving to save his offspring from the perils that lie ahead. Yet, as I tread cautiously through the flames, that patient father refuses to heed the warnings of impending doom. And so, here I am, eager to share the shortest of tales in hopes that this father will finally listen to the dire consequences that await your future descendants.
I speak of a tempest brewing high above the atmosphere, akin to thunder and lightning, dispersing like auroras across the skies of our beloved Earth. However, these electric clouds carry an abundance of charges, engulfing our entire electrical grid in flames across every corner of the globe, leaving no place unscathed. Your children, wandering the tumultuous streets, soon realize that neither electricity nor water flows from their taps. If your child is astute, they'll notice the depletion of supplies in supermarkets and gas stations. And if they entertain the hope of electricity's return, they'll find themselves bereft of television and radio broadcasts for years to come. Should your child possess a firearm during this time, they may wield it to either protect or harm others. And if spared, they'll likely fall victim to someone else's violence before the restoration of power, only to be informed later that such calamities stem from solar storms occurring precisely every 153 years.
In 1859, known as the Carrington Event, followed by another occurrence in 2012, Earth was fortunate enough to evade catastrophe with a mere 8-day proximity to the storm. However, we remained oblivious to the exact timing of the next event in 2165. Consequently, societies have resorted to planning every 153 years until a future era witnesses the shifting of Earth's poles in one day, unleashing cataclysmic tremors that ravage the planet, submerging landmasses and returning all to the depths of the oceans.
This time, those residing within the Earth's core will face the ultimate test of survival. Why? Because the electricity surging forth possesses unprecedented voltage, incinerating most living organisms. Subsequently, they must endure an Ice Age lasting 11,036 years until the sun god Mitra again slays the celestial bull in the constellation of Taurus, heralding another warm era for an equal duration. And thus, we find ourselves trapped in an eternal cycle, perpetually striving for enlightenment only to regress to a Stone Age, as we attempt to rediscover our identities.
You may argue that these events occur in a distant future, so why bother? As you, a spiritual father capable of understanding my words, I offer this explanation: I would never divulge these truths, for fear of ridicule! Since the formation of Earth, its gravitational pull has only intensified with each passing era, culminating in 12 zodiacal forms during every half orbit. Fossils of prehistoric creatures bear witness to this phenomenon, their skeletal remains hollow and devoid of substance, incapable of supporting their weight. Should you resurrect a long-necked dinosaur or even an insect from that era, they would crumble under their own weight, unable to stand on Earth's surface. Yet, the very same dinosaur could transform into a lizard or crocodile, gradually losing mass over a specific era. Even human skeletons have been found that testify to this phenomenon. Earth has not autonomously gained mass or borrowed space, nor has it been incessantly bombarded by meteor showers. So whence does this weight derive, causing a stunted growth of Earth's inhabitants?
We understand that wisdom is a force, and no force in the universe is ever obliterated; it merely transforms into another form. Our world is constructed upon wisdom to uphold its laws, preventing chaos and turmoil. These universal forces operate in different ways, darkness and light! One pulls inward, while the other pushes outward. Through our own wisdom, we create two types of spiritual forces after death, dark or light. It depends on whether we've engaged in virtuous or malevolent deeds on Earth, shaping our spiritual essence accordingly. As intelligent beings, we humans possess this universal force of wisdom within us, thus shaping the appearance of these forces of light and darkness, empowering one over the other. And as darker spirits depart Earth, its gravitational pull intensifies, as wandering Earthbound souls descend deeper into its depths, imbuing it with the dark magnetic force of Earth, transforming our world into a dark inferno.
From this, we deduce that our souls are ensnared. And you and I will one day depart, but as people today have lost faith in God, worsening with each passing day due to cynicism towards religion and belief. Consequently, they add to Earth's gravitational pull after death. Our Earth is growing darker. Our souls are trapped.
Now, my question to you is: Are you prepared to save future generations and the departed souls, including your own? What of your own soul? I know you're a spiritual father receiving this letter, and as I reread it to myself, my throat constricts. You will surely find solace in your soul as long as you maintain faith in God and refrain from evil deeds. However, most of our children today engage in wrongdoing, embracing vulgarity and becoming unbridled. Do you know why? Because they no longer believe in a benevolent and malevolent God. They perceive this world as a transient moment, unaware of the depths to which they plunge and must confront.
I once dwelled in godlessness until I found God in the Delo Knowledge books, realizing His existence and inspiring me to pen these books. I am now an avid seeker of Ahura Mazda and good wisdom, opposing the worshippers of Ahriman. Hence, I aspire to learn not only Zoroastrian teachings but also other religions from believers in God. I am an explorer, and I not only seek to save your future children but also to strengthen people's faith in God more than ever before, enabling them to distinguish between good and evil.