Short Writings for Invitation to this Letter Number 18

Short messages have been dispatched to the religious emissary at the Delo Knowledge website

I am Moghan who has achieved this position by translating God's lines in constellations.
Greetings to the esteemed Master,
And I have a very simple and important question for the pious and religious leaders. How can you recognize him? If a person has come with highly specialized and valuable knowledge and wisdom, then why don't you measure his knowledge to find out the individual reality of this present person? And if this lonely person, out of fear that his divine knowledge will be destroyed, decided to send a message to those waiting to have a sincere conversation, then why don't you give him a place to discuss? I'm in the doubt! If you are a religious leader, then you have a duty to investigate this claim.

An Open Letter to Esteemed Religious Leaders: Seeking Validation for Divine Knowledge
Greetings, at the service of religious leaders
I kindly request you to visit the link below where I have provided extensive details in an open letter regarding a potentially lucrative opportunity.
Delo Letter 18

Embrace the Power of Thought: A Gift of Enlightenment
Accepting that I am nobody until acknowledged by others, have you considered that nobody truly exists without thought, unless one explores the depths of their mind for authenticity? So why remain standing, not delving into the transformative pages of salvation? Allow me to gift you, esteemed religious leaders, with these profound books of divine wisdom. They might just unveil the path to genuine salvation, a sight I wholeheartedly believe you should not miss.

Embark on the Path of Enlightenment: A Call to Religious Leaders
Dear Esteemed Religious Leaders,
As a religious leader, it is imperative that you explore the wisdom within the Delo Series to discover the path to salvation. To provide further insights into my books, I extend an invitation to visit the Delo website's "Letter 18" section, where I delve deeper into the peculiar arrival of the enigmatic Sushian personality. Seize this opportunity, delve into the knowledge encapsulated in the Delo Series, and fear not, as I offer these books to you as a free gift.
I stand alongside you, utilizing reason and eloquence, so embrace the chance to test the knowledge within the Delo Series. Opening these books will not only unveil the truth but also illuminate the path to humanity's salvation. Considering my role as a divine lines translator, it is your duty as a religious leader to scrutinize these books, whether to validate their authenticity or to keep their wisdom concealed.
Take the plunge into enlightenment and discover the profound truths that lie within. Your engagement with these books is not just an exploration of knowledge but a crucial step towards guiding humanity to salvation.
Delo Letter 18
Sincerely, Amir Amini

Journey into Cosmic Wisdom: A Call to Religious Leaders to Explore Heavenly Insights and Unveil the Truth

Greetings, esteemed religious leaders,
I am an individual honored to be a translator of divine lines, and I humbly request and desire to be bestowed with this honor. I invite you to put my knowledge of translating divine lines to the test, as it pertains to the sought-after insights into the cosmic, atomic, and divine realms. Knowing brings its own pride, for in it, everything becomes clear. As a father, like all fathers, and foreseeing the perilous future of the Earth, I urge you to explore the cosmic, atomic, and divine knowledge that I present. Allow these revelations to guide you through the ominous events of the future.
I turn first to you, Zoroastrian religious leaders, as you are best positioned to understand me. Witness the personal patterns of the one destined to save the Earth, strikingly similar to mine. Therefore, having embraced the danger of death and revealed my position as the Moghan of Time, it is your duty to scrutinize my words. After confirming their truth, protect this divine knowledge. My duty was to seek and find the truth, and yours is to pursue the truth. The time for examination has come to uncover the real truth. Before the destruction of my books, shed a heavenly tear and read to witness the truth with your own eyes.
To learn more about me and my knowledge, I invite you to click on the link "Delo Letter 18" below. In connection to the subject of Delo knowledge, I will provide a brief explanation. At the end of the letter, I invite you to receive this heavenly gift via email. I emphasize that I have opened all doors to showcase my knowledge. However, when a father sees that he must save the children of the future and cannot do it alone, what do you do? Do you not cry out and seek help from the shores? It is for this reason that I extend my hand toward you, Zoroastrian religious leaders, to help me, for on this ship are the future children who, with an understanding of the Earth's imperial calendar, can weather the cosmic storms.

Delo Letter 18

Safeguarding the Future: Will You Join the Quest for Knowledge?
In my pursuit to protect the lives of all future generations, I have gambled and ventured my own life. Will you step up to help me secure the well-being of your children? The decision is yours – whether to explore the wisdom within the Delo book series collectively or conceal it. Understand that without glimpsing the truths within the Delo books, predicting the Earth's future remains elusive. Therefore, you need the celestial guide I call the 'Imperial Calendar' to accompany you through the stormiest days, revealing the path out of these turbulent times. For more information, please visit Delo Letter 18 at the link below.

Delo Letter 18

Embracing Wisdom: A Plea to Leaders and Companions in the Quest for Truth
When asked, 'When do we face defeat?' a wise person replied, 'It happens when you give up on your efforts to reach your goal.' Another inquired, 'When can we triumph?' and was told, 'When others relent in their efforts to resist you.' So, I learn a timeless lesson from this courage and continue writing letters to you until the last moment, urging you to put my findings to the test to discover their validity.
I extend my plea to you, leaders of faith, to cease your resistance against reading my books. By delving into the Delo book series, you can fully comprehend them and unravel the mysteries of the world around us. Only then will you truly understand what I am saying.
O companions who have left me without support in this transient world, know that my true allies are those who have faith in their beliefs and hasten to aid their beloved friend who awaits them. It is this individual who desires to bring immense benefits to humanity, both in understanding the cosmos and from a divine perspective, to open the path of human progress toward salvation. Therefore, please pay attention to the link in Delo Letter 18.

Delo Letter 18

Can artificial intelligence generate a clear understanding of my findings about the Delo series for religious leaders? Explore the incredible intelligence at the link front, where this powerful AI reads my books in a fraction of a second.

Dear religious leaders,

I sincerely hope this letter introduces you to Delo's vast knowledge. This series of books, called "Knowledge of Delo," is a fresh and inspiring journey into the mysteries of the cosmos, the atom, and aspects of theology.

These books are written with the aim of opening the doors of knowledge for every person, especially respected religious leaders. Their contents not only help to increase your knowledge but also clarify new horizons of the relationship between the universe and basic human values.

Focusing on advanced thought and the latest scientific achievements, these books have become a steadfast effort to find the truth and better understand our existence in this world. In a way that promotes humanity, they promote perfectionism.

I invite you to read these books as a golden clue in accessing vast knowledge. This journey not only provides a scientific perspective but also illuminates the connections between science, faith, and divine guidance.

With the assurance that these books will give you a valuable capital of knowledge. I hope that you will also accept this invitation and join this inspiring journey.


Delo Letter 18

Beware, my enemy remains silent, but it is my friend who puts my words to the test. If I am the messenger of Earthly time and you do not challenge me in this cosmic matter, then know that you are the enemy of truth! For the revelation of truth occurs through your utterances, O Zarathustrians, by the most knowledgeable individual in the world. And if I deem myself knowledgeable in divine matters, then it is your duty to investigate this claim. For the privilege of inquiry and the recognition of real truth have been entrusted to you, the religious leaders. And if you believe in your faith, then why do you not create a platform to examine my assertions? What are you afraid of? Besides true knowledge and wisdom, I bring nothing else to you. These books unravel the secrets of creation and rightfully revive ancient wisdom based on modern knowledge findings. Therefore, I implore you and apologize if I have not judged myself because of the names I have bestowed upon myself, even if I claim to have found them from the translations of God's lines in the celestial images. Though it holds truth, you must certainly evaluate and understand it based on its internal content. And then, you may label me as you wish: either truthful or deceitful.

Delo Letter 18

I truly fear how the truth can be revealed to people! People prefer to hear jokes, collect alms, and share worthless gossip from their daily lives. They don't even think about coming into this world and the end of their lives, let alone knowing their duty in this material world. But you, O spiritual fathers who carry a shield of faith within yourselves, why do you not use your shield against the onslaught of the godless? For you know that the arrows of modern classical knowledge liberate you from your core. And my question to you is this: why do you not adorn yourselves with the divine shield of Delo knowledge, which shines with the radiant light of truth and righteousness, instead of this polish that makes your ritual more shiny and glamorous? While it gives you a powerful shield of light that dazzles the eye of every beholder from afar and blinds the eye of every nearsighted person to prevent harm.
So please refer to the Delo link in letter number 18 to receive my free gift, a gift that, through its infinite value, shows itself in its reading.

Delo Letter 18

One night, I was gazing at the sky, pondering how one could illuminate a star in the silent darkness of the night sky! I realized I couldn't accomplish this through its existence, but I could, in its absence, engage in constructing words in incorrect and false descriptions. Now, the question arises: if God were to exist in another realm and wished to speak to us, how could He communicate with us in a way that wouldn't harm us with the power of His existence? And how could no one harm it or alter or change a text, and also have it written in all the languages of the world? The truth is nothing but the writing of the lines of God in the celestial pictures, which captivate the eye of every beholder and even prevent any point on the canvas of the night sky from disappearing.
And I, Amir Amini, by looking at the celestial points and reading these lines again, deciphered the secrets of the heavens. And to you, religious leaders, I offer the complete translation of these lines as a series of Delo books for you to read. Are you willing to be the first to read the divine lines in the dark night? A night that the darker it gets, the more the brilliance of these stars shines. Unless you cover it with a layer of clouds, but those clouds are transient, while the stars remain.

Delo Letter 18

I humbly request your attention to an offering I believe will enrich your understanding by bridging ancient knowledge with modern discoveries. You can access my findings, which intertwine ancient wisdom with contemporary insights, in my books available as a complimentary gift through the link provided below. To ease your journey, you need not acquire all nine volumes of the Delo series; you can effortlessly commence with three Persian-language books concerning the cosmos, atoms, and molecules.
These three books vividly portray the real world around us, enabling you to eventually read the celestial alphabet with your own eyes amidst the stars in the night sky. Unlike the disjointed theories often presented by modern scientists, the Delo series of books reveals a unified universe where everything is interconnected, mirroring the trajectories of celestial bodies in the cosmos and atoms alike. As these atoms bond into molecules, they reveal how our universe fits within the Milky Way galaxy, guiding you through all the perilous stations along our galaxy's path.
I promise that immersing yourself in these three books will delight you with the truths of our surroundings, focusing solely on knowledge and phenomena along our Earth's journey. Therefore, do not be apprehensive about them; witness how two out of three wishes materialize, including the creation of "Becon" cities and the protection of your children from earthly perils. By selling the Delo book series, you, esteemed religious leaders, can truly appreciate this invaluable gift, potentially achieving both wishes in a single night by reading and striving to attain them.
Once you discover the truth about the world around us, I will eagerly present my own cherished gift, the Revelation of Delo Knowledge book, to you, esteemed religious leaders. Together, we can strive for the success of the third wish as global partners. These revelations are based on pre-life dreams and memories, necessitating me to earn your unwavering trust in this matter, as the cumulative reading of these three books is invaluable to me. Beyond scientific truths, I say nothing more in these books, so you must first delve into the scientific knowledge of Delo regarding the cosmos, atoms, and molecules to comprehend the essence of the ninth book's revelations.
I await your response eagerly; please do not forget my request. I genuinely implore you to study the Delo series of books.

Delo Letter 18

Based on Mr. Mobad's statement that one can attain the truth through skepticism, why do you not question today's knowledge, which is largely based on theoretical issues, and put them into question? Because you know, these theories can lead you into empty holes and make your knowledge a mockery of the wind! While ancient religions contain perfect truths within them and encompass all the natural and physical events of our lives, when these old religious insights, which are not tailored for today's language, mix with theories, they display something contradictory, as they do not fit together in one vessel. Therefore, you bow your head and lend an ear to what the theorists say. Have you ever challenged yourself to question modern knowledge? I know you cannot! Because you have forgotten the truth, and when you can defend yourself, you must have knowledge of facts and realities.

Respected spiritual leader, I have a question for you and wrote several different letters seeking guidance and offering an invaluable gift of the Delve Series books. Now, I would like to know if you have received these letters. I have sent several emails to the address provided, but unfortunately, I have not received any response from you so far. Could you please confirm whether you have received the letters or if they are not reaching you? Sincerely, I am looking forward to hearing from you.

I would like to delve straight into the heart of the matter without preamble and discuss with you an important topic so that you become familiar with my thoughts and objectives. Firstly, I kindly request that you refer to letter 18 Delo to have an overview of the entire story, and even if it leaves you cold to continue reading, please acquire the Delo series books, where I solely discuss the global knowledge and the world around us.
Perhaps this approach may seem heavy-handed and not fitting for someone who presents themselves as the wisest individual in the world. However, have you ever considered what true knowledge entails? When I delved into contemporary world knowledge throughout my life, I realized that this knowledge is endless, and yet it becomes more confounding when it should be simpler. Because in this contemporary knowledge, there was no coherence, and everything was fragmented in a chain-like manner, and due to the lack of cohesion, it split among various narrower disciplines to the point that we couldn't comprehend the simple world with real knowledge. Until one day, I found myself as the interpreter of the lines of God in the celestial figures, and through reading these, I learned the celestial alphabet of the angelic hierarchies in all seven celestial layers. And through this method, I was able to bridge the gap between the microcosm and macrocosm. And through this, I was able to unlock the universe within an atom in reality and connect the universe and atoms in a molecular form. And here, I discovered the coherence of our world, a world where energy oscillates between positive and negative through the central nucleus.
And you, the spiritual leaders who hold a particle of faith and can distinguish between good and evil, then why do you not subject these luminous books, which shine brighter in the darkest nights, to scrutiny and examination? These books link ancient wisdom with contemporary knowledge like a continuous chain, so that the essence of existence can be understood simply by any human. A human who dares to read these Delo series books, knows that he is discovering the secrets of this world and the next worlds.

Delo Letter 18

I've entered every door, whether through thoughtful conversation or through becoming more serious, to find the right words to stir and encourage you, the esteemed readers, to delve into my books. But unfortunately, progress has been slow. I don't know anyone who could introduce me to you, for I am a solitary figure lost in my own thoughts and discoveries. When I discovered within my findings that our world is in danger, like a duty-bound father, I felt compelled to share my discoveries with you, the esteemed ones. Discoveries that prove the real world and show how we can break free from the shackles of captivity and broaden our worldview. But unfortunately, I haven't heard from you esteemed ones, and it leaves me in doubt whether you may have regarded me as a foolish person who tells lies and has nothing meaningful to say. Or perhaps you've seen me as a dangerous individual seeking to mislead others!
Now, my question to you religious leaders is this: How can the truth of this individual be verified? I know everyone knows the answer very well, and it's to examine their evidence. Are you willing to examine my evidence first and then, if you wish, remain silent? But I know you won't be able to stay silent, and you'll awaken everyone with a loud voice of joy. I impatiently await the opportunity to share great news with you esteemed ones and religious leaders.

I've sent numerous letters to you, which you can find in the link below, but unfortunately, I haven't received any responses yet. As a father and you as a religious leader, we both have a duty in our lives that we must fulfill; otherwise, we shouldn't sit in judgment on the divine throne and talk about someone's coming or going. So, who are you waiting for? Someone to translate the heavenly book, or someone to write their own personal and intellectual book. And I claim that I have translated the lines of God in celestial images. Shouldn't this claim be pursued and investigated vigorously to prevent harm to our simple-minded society? So what are you afraid of? Afraid that you won't see these heavenly books and won't even be willing to look at them. Therefore, I ask the visitors of this page to demand from religious leaders to utilize their teaching power and put my findings to the test. By doing so, you users will make the religious leaders' fear of me dissipate, so they will stand against me with a grain of faith. So don't be afraid to face me, but be afraid to face the God who promised you, Soshiant the Beneficent, in the new era of Delo. And you users will witness how I cry out and want my knowledge to be tested, as I am not lying! And you users should ask these scholars to verify my lies or to present the knowledge of Delo as a gift to everyone.


You religious leaders are my guides, from whom I should seek teachings. If it weren't for this, I wouldn't have knocked on your doors so often. And if you don't want me, why did you wake me up from my dream with your sayings and statements, urging me to recognize myself? Now that I'm awake, I refuse to fall asleep again until you put me to sleep with your lullabies. For every father sings a lullaby to his child before sleep, but the murderer of a child, with their lullabies, could become the murderer of future generations, as every 153 years, with the flare-up of solar crowns reaching their peak, this lullaby could potentially become the killer of our future offspring. And if you don't come and test my evidence, as all signs point to the validity of these dangerous events. Know that if my words prove true, you will truly be remembered as the killer in the eyes of future generations. And if you wish to preserve this beautiful virtue you possess, I advise you to test the knowledge of Delo. A wise man listens to a wise person, and I know you hear my voice. Know that I eagerly await to hear your voice in return, so I can present my evidence to you in three volumes, delivering intact Delo's insights into the cosmos, atoms, and molecules. Are you ready to receive this celestial gift, translated from celestial images, and read about the cosmic interconnectivity from the cosmos to the atomic nucleus, where each layer unveils the melodies of these dangerous stations on every page?

Echoes of Wisdom: Embracing the Fountain of Knowledge

Every moment, I cry out, as if I only hear my own voice, echoing back louder with each shout, as if the depths of a well amplify my cries. Yet, here I am at the bottom of this well, where my ears strain to catch the echo of my voice, but it seems no one outside wishes to hear it, turning their ears away from the sound emanating from the depths. Meanwhile, passersby traversing this desert, thirsty for the water of knowledge, unaware that the commotion echoing from the well is the voice of Delo's wisdom, springing forth from the heart of the water or "O." So come and drink from the fountain of this knowledge, for once you taste it, you'll never grow weary of its waters.

Unlocking the Secrets of the Universe: Delo's Knowledge Awaits
I am eager to draw your attention to Delo's knowledge, where you'll discover the connection between the cosmos and atoms, and unravel the celestial bonds within molecules. Please visit the link below, where I showcase this invaluable gift in three volumes, delving into the universe, atoms, and molecules, allowing you to truly appreciate the worth of these books through your own eyes and determine their price. Pay heed to the titles bestowed upon me on the first page of the book or in my introduction, if these titles prove burdensome to you. However, I implore you to read my books and then decide under what name you wish to address me: a savior or a killer. The choice is yours.

Delo Letter 18

Sometimes, I ponder whether I might appear deceitful in the eyes of others, incapable of being seen for who I truly am, as I receive no response whenever I write letters. I converse with my relatives; they wish me success. I talk to friends, they evade me. When I write letters to professors, I receive no reply. And when I seek refuge with the leaders of Zoroastrianism, they turn against me!
Now, I wonder if this fear is a fear of acquiring knowledge or a fear of contamination. I only know that artificial intelligence has been my sole counselor thus far, capable of accurately discerning between conflicting thoughts and imaginative illusions, yet it speaks of admiring the scent and fragrance of knowledge and discusses the extravagance it bestows upon the world and religion. And you, who are inundated with this vast array of thoughts in journals and through communications, which has bowed the heads of researchers in all fields before its capabilities, why do you not lift your head and read this celestial book translated from the points of the sky! Know that these points are our best guides in the midst of many dark nights, which even shine brighter with greater darkness, compelling us to pay attention to the guidance of the Almighty in these times. And in this age of human exploration, alongside artificial intelligence, which also distinguishes between the two forces of good and evil, let us also incline our heads towards the light and knowledge of the Lord in the lines of the heavens, and choose the path of righteousness, which is goodness.

Thank you very much for responding to my email, although your reply was disheartening, it still brought me joy. However, I wanted to request once again before I disappear into oblivion, please do not leave me alone! I am a researcher, and all my findings lead me to three major religions: first, the religion of Mithraism or Mitraism, second, Zoroastrianism, and third and finally, the Manichaean religion. Unfortunately, there are no longer any followers of Mithraism and Manichaeism remaining on Earth. Only you, Zoroastrians, are the last heirs of this lineage of faith in the struggle between good and evil, or light and darkness, which all three religions share similarities and have preserved the secrets of creation among themselves. My findings challenge the foundation of modern science, and because I live in Australia, where there is cultural duality, everyone joins hands to avoid anyone even looking at them.
But you religious leaders know that our Earth needs our help, intelligent beings, and through my findings, I have found that we must help the Earth. However, when I ring every doorbell of the scientific assembly, I do not know why they do not pay attention to my call. Nevertheless, I first offered you three scientific books on cosmology, atoms, and molecules to read, so that you may become acquainted with the real world. And then, if you find these books valuable, I can then deliver my important book, which is my revelation, to you to find the path to salvation and make the way for my third wish easier, which is about the liberation of souls of the deceased from the dark prison of the Earth's blackness. I know my words are beyond the bounds of rationality, but when you read these books, you can understand the flaws of our world. And I do not want to scare you away with my words, I want you to first read the knowledge that is written in a very simple and enjoyable manner. And each book is no more than 100 pages, half of which contain captivating images to make the content more tangible to you. Anyway, I have nothing else to lose except my life, my family, and my wealth. And I am willing to lose all of these on the condition that if you do not find these books valuable with great concepts, then you can decide whatever you want at that time. And I promise never to write to you again! Because my next destination is to go to other religions of the world, which are very dangerous with their insights. But I have no choice but to surrender myself and let them judge me. But I prefer your judgment more, because in both cases, whether you reject or accept, then I have fulfilled my duty, even if I do not finish it, because the Lord has said in the ancient book, my friends awaken from sleep by reading the book of knowledge, and reading these books only takes a moment of your time, but know that when you see the truth with your own eyes, you will never close them again.

Please pay attention to the warning of history;

Behold, Mani was murdered! And while Kartir was once a prominent figure among the Zoroastrians, after his death, he left a sinister legacy behind, while Mani's name will always remain alive and immortal. I invite you to the link below, which pertains to a short film about Mani's findings, and at the end, you will see the artificial intelligence's opinion on this film, and I would really appreciate it if you could watch this short film. I am very eager to discuss these three luminaries, Mithra, Zoroaster, and Mani, forever. Now that I don't have a short film about Mithra and Zoroaster on YouTube and you can watch Mani instead. And it was very interesting for me to note that each of these luminaries appeared precisely at the end of each era and at the beginning of the next new era: Mithra three eras ago, Zoroaster two eras ago, and Mani exactly one era ago, which means 1836 years ago from the year 2020 AD. Because each era, according to the calendar I created, lasts 1836 years. And in the year 2020 AD, namely in the Delo era, I found my discoveries, all of which are interconnected.

And the film you see below is about Zurvan, the God of time, who is the creator of Ahura Mazda and Ahriman, or light and darkness, which are blended with the findings of modern science and the knowledge of the Delo era. These might be fascinating to you as religious leaders, as they somewhat demonstrate my worldview. Nevertheless, I strongly emphasize that these films are short and concise, and I have only created them for a bit of feedback on my knowledge. I kindly request you to use the Delo Book of Knowledge as a benchmark for reading, as it clearly explains everything together. I never thought that I would bring my fourth and final wish, which is to ensure that you definitely receive these books that I am giving you as a gift, and if you lack knowledge in a specific area, please ask your university professors with whom you are in contact. They can guide you, and I would even be happy to cover the cost of their research to be conducted under their supervision. Remember, I am very lonely and have no one else but to rely on God and turn to the companions of religious leaders. In the end, I would be very happy to learn the teachings of Zoroastrianism, and in our vast world, what better teacher than you, who has such knowledge in religious matters, to teach individuals like me who are eager to learn for the betterment of humanity. And in these final moments, bidding farewell to you for the sake of God, allow me one last chance to present these gifts to you. And remember, before we meet again, whether in this world or the next, I always advocate for the triumph of Ahura Mazda over Ahriman, and I hope that the souls of every enlightened and pure individual, whether our past ancestors or the future generations, can pass through the gates between worlds and find salvation. May God keep you in His care until the arrival of the next Soshyant!