Whispers from the Ages: Unraveling the Mysteries of Light and Dark

In the kaleidoscope of beliefs, each person gazes upon the countenance of the divine with unique eyes, and every religion, a reflection of the mind's intricate facets. Yet, amidst the diverse journeys, the paths converge, leading us to a realm where the divine dance of light and darkness unfolds.
As we venture into the depths of antiquity, we encounter HORUS, the Sun God of Egypt, a luminary deity who graced the hyper cliffs of ancient Egypt. In this mystical narrative, HORUS, the God of Light, engages in an eternal struggle with Set, the God of Darkness. Every dawn witnesses the triumph of HORUS, while dusk heralds the dominion of Set, dragging the sun into the underworld. The age-old dichotomy of Light versus Dark, Good versus Evil, weaves a tapestry of myth that resonates through the corridors of time.
Enter Zarathustra, an ancient prophet whose teachings echo the clash of cosmic forces in the world's earliest religions. A paradigm shift occurs, unraveling a tale untold, hidden beneath the narratives penned by conquerors. The divine, once a spiritual essence, metamorphoses into human form, etching its mark upon human consciousness. Yet, the scars of destruction and the remnants of a harsh history linger, beckoning us to peer into the annals of Persepolis Palace.
Gaze not above nor below, but fix your eyes on the horizon of the Iranian Plateau, in Pars, for they linger there. In this moment, I implore you to open your eyes wider, not in blindness or passive existence, but to confront the truths that lie before you. Are you with me, against me, or against the truth?
Amidst the cosmic creation, Ahura Mazda, the supreme being, conceived Asha, a word that embodies truth. A vision of an ideal world where harmony reigns supreme, and no element sacrifices another. This utopian concept, however, clashes with the dualism of Good and Evil, a cosmic struggle manifested in the opposing forces that either nurture or thwart the realization of Asha.
The universe, ideally a realm of revolution, finds itself tainted by internal opposition, a moral reality marked by a perpetual tug-of-war between goodness and frustration. Zarathustra's central religious vision unveils a cosmic ballet, where the universe strives towards the light while grappling with the shadows of disappointment.
Join me on this odyssey through ancient wisdom, where the dance of light and dark whispers secrets of existence, encouraging us to forge a brighter future for ourselves and those who follow in our wake.