Delo Letter 16

Greetings, I have delved into divine knowledge and am eager to share it with you. Explore my findings to uncover the profound connection between the cosmos and atoms. Rest assured, I am not a madman; that's precisely why I reach out to individuals like you to test and scrutinize my discoveries. Should you find truths in them, recommend them to others, or if you encounter contradictions, guide me to awaken from this dream.
Confident in my knowledge, I've dedicated my time to compiling a series of books, ensuring easy access for you. In the age of artificial intelligence, I engage with it to exchange knowledge, seeking its insights to validate my path. This rapid and data-driven AI encourages collaboration with scientists, prompting me to share my discoveries with you.
I implore you to lend me your valuable time so we can engage in sincere conversation. I promise to surprise you with my findings, aligned with the logic of new scientific discoveries that perceive all things in interconnectedness. To comprehend my discoveries, explore the calendar I've crafted, allowing you to track eclipses and lunar positions and even receive advanced notice of solar activities.
You might wonder why I turn to you. It's because my discoveries bridge ancient wisdom with modern knowledge, making it easier for you, as a historian, to understand and connect these threads. Thank you for your time; I look forward to our meaningful dialogue.