Zurvan's Cosmic Dance

Zurvan's Cosmic Dance: The Imbalance of Dual Forces in Our Celestial

In the vast expanse of the Northern Hemisphere lies the dwelling place of Zurvan, as the Earth, tilted at a 23.5-degree angle towards its rotational axis, inclines toward this central force. Here is where Zurvan, the boundless god, exerts its mighty power. In this cosmic juncture, the negative and positive forces exchange power at the center of the zodiacal constellations. Our universe is intricately designed so that if one of the negative or positive layers weakens, another layer is constructed upon it to facilitate the exchange of power in the neutral orbital space.

When a proton, with a stronger and more positively charged orbit, is compelled by the dual realms and through the portal of the central force or Zurvan as deemed necessary, it creates another layer of orbit to trap the negative electron charge and neutralize it, forming the hydrogen atom.

In the cosmic orbit, where humanity currently revolves around the zodiacal constellations, this universal circuit is positioned on a scale comparable to that of an atom. We witness the cosmos expanding upon these particles. However, in the present cosmic realm, as we enter it, we discover that these dual worlds of negative and positive forces on both sides of the balance of power are not equal.
This reality has resulted in our universe's smaller and lower energy orbit than the opposite universe, the anti-orbit of our universe, being in a state of imbalance in the equation.

As a result, energy is not exchanged, and consequently, our cosmic space shifts to another orbit in the zodiacal constellations, plunging our universe into darkness. This is because the two opposing negative and positive forces within this cosmic house cannot exchange their energies.