The Rotating Divine Choreography: Wandering Movement or Drunkenness of the Earth

Unveiling the Precision Equinox and Order in Earth's Celestial Dance in Delo Knowledge Book.
Here, I aim to elucidate the Earth's wandering rotation, comparing it with contemporary scientific findings and drawing conclusions. We know that the Earth has a tilt on its rotational axis, spinning around itself at an angle of 23.5 degrees. This tilt, which I have precisely estimated to be 22,032 years, causes the Earth to spin like a gyroscope at this 23.5-degree angle over time. However, scientists have calculated it over a longer cycle.
Nevertheless, when we gaze at the sun's position in the northern hemisphere during spring, we observe that the sun stands in various astronomical shapes in each era. This has led researchers, somewhat erroneously, to envision a world set up like an intoxicated individual. Yet, this is not the case. Assuming a hypothetical orbit that the sun traverses during a specific period, aligning the Earth's North Pole with this central circle pulled down like a plumb line, it levels itself. This simplicity demonstrates its own reality.
Interestingly, scientists have discovered that our sun moves upward and downward in comparison to the Milky Way's galactic midline. Therefore, if we align this hypothetical orbit with the cosmic circle at a specific angle, we realize that this motion aptly describes it. Our world is not bewildering; the sun can have a regular and defined orbit, not like an intoxicated person who sees the world in a haze. Movements follow order and organization and cannot occur with such precision unless they have the order like the Earth's orbit around the sun. Our solar system must also revolve around this powerful central body in an orderly manner. Know that God is not intoxicated; intoxication lies in seeing the world as intoxicated.