Dear Mr,
I trust this letter finds you well. My name is Amir Amini, and I am writing to bring to your attention a fascinating discovery I have made in the realm of Delo Knowledge, particularly in relation to the Zodiac system. Upon further research, I have noted striking similarities between my findings and the principles found in the Mithras religion.
In my exploration of the Delo Knowledge, I came across a pattern within the Zodiac system that bears a remarkable resemblance to the symbolism and beliefs associated with Mithras. The alignment of certain celestial entities and their significance in both systems suggests a potential connection that could shed light on the historical and cultural contexts of these ancient belief systems.
I have prepared a detailed analysis outlining the key points of convergence between the Zodiac system in Delo Knowledge and the Mithras religion. This includes not only the symbolism but also the implications of such parallels on our understanding of the cultural exchanges and influences that may have shaped these systems over time.
I am eager to share my findings with you in more detail and discuss the potential implications and applications of this discovery. I believe that your expertise in Mithras Wisdom and your keen understanding of cultural and historical contexts make you an ideal collaborator for further exploration of these intriguing connections.
If you are interested, I would be delighted to arrange to send you a copy of my books or a meeting at your convenience to present my findings and engage in a thoughtful discussion on the implications of this discovery. I am confident that our collaboration could contribute valuable insights to the broader understanding of both the Delo Knowledge and the Mithras religion.
Thank you for considering my proposal. I look forward to the possibility of working together on this exciting venture.
For further information in this regard, please refer to my website at

Yours sincerely, Amir Amini