Woe is me that no one hears my voice as I cry out: "Oh living souls, do not abruptly end your lives! Understand that one day, ignorance will settle upon each of us like death, leaving no escape. Therefore, seekers of enlightenment, put these sacred books to the test, for the time has come to sweep away the dust of ignorance! The knowledge within these books dispels ignorance and replaces it with wisdom. It is up to you to read them or not, for you are the master of your destiny. These books will become a torch to illuminate the path for anyone seeking the way."
Consider this deeply, for within these pages lies the power to transform your life. Will you embrace the wisdom they offer, or will you let the dust of ignorance cover your potential? The choice is yours, and the journey begins with a single step into the world of knowledge.

Echoes of Wisdom: Embracing the Fountain of Knowledge

Every moment, I cry out, as if I only hear my own voice, echoing back louder with each shout, as if the depths of a well amplify my cries. Yet, here I am at the bottom of this well, where my ears strain to catch the echo of my voice, but it seems no one outside wishes to hear it, turning their ears away from the sound emanating from the depths. Meanwhile, passersby traversing this desert, thirsty for the water of knowledge, unaware that the commotion echoing from the well is the voice of Delo's wisdom, springing forth from the heart of the water or "O." So come and drink from the fountain of this knowledge, for once you taste it, you'll never grow weary of its waters.

I am that very drop of water which, when united with the wave, can strike the rock and shatter it. But alone, without the cohesion of other drops, I remain just a single drop, which, even if it rains down swiftly from the sky towards its goal and withstands the pressure until the last moment, will ultimately rest in a speck of soil, delivering either a blessing or a curse.
We humans, with our thoughts and actions, are capable of achieving anything when we have a clear objective. No matter how small or large our dreams may be, with a defined purpose, we will ultimately reach them. However, aimless endeavors can lead to a destructive flood, which, without a dam to control it, will cause devastation.
Thus, our goals in life form the most crucial aspect of our existence. Without a clear objective, the outcome can be disastrous. Therefore, defining our purpose is essential for shaping our destiny and ensuring our efforts lead to constructive results.

In a world divided by opposing ideologies and conflicting beliefs, the pursuit of knowledge stands as a beacon of hope for unity and enlightenment. Delo Knowledge offers a path towards understanding the cosmic, atomic, and divine realms, transcending the barriers of ignorance and prejudice.
At its core, Delo Knowledge advocates for the embrace of noble thoughts over destructive ideologies. It encourages individuals to seek wisdom and truth, fostering a collective consciousness grounded in compassion, empathy, and harmony.
In the grand narrative of existence, the clash between opposing ideologies often leads to devastating conflicts and wars. Yet, the ultimate outcome of these struggles lies in our hands – whether we choose to accept the principles of goodness and virtue, or succumb to the darkness of malevolence and hatred.
As we navigate through the complexities of life, let us recognize the transformative power of Delo Knowledge in shaping our perspectives and guiding our actions. Together, let us embark on a journey of enlightenment, where the pursuit of wisdom serves as a catalyst for unity and peace.
Join us in embracing Delo Knowledge – a pathway to enlightenment, unity, and the triumph of noble thoughts over destructive ideologies.


Divine Creator,

In the presence of Your boundless power and wisdom, we come humbly before You. Your creation, from the expanse of the universe to the intricacies of the smallest atom, testifies to Your majesty and grandeur. We are in awe of the harmony and balance with which You have woven the fabric of existence.
We acknowledge Your guidance, the gentle nudges that lead us along the path of righteousness. As we navigate the complexities of life, we seek Your divine light to illuminate our way. Your wisdom is the compass that directs our steps, ensuring that we stay aligned with the purpose You have ordained for us.
Grant us the strength to recognize Your presence in every moment, to marvel at the beauty of Your creation, and to honor Your power with hearts filled with gratitude. May we find solace in Your love and trust in Your perfect plan, even in times of uncertainty.
As we stand before the mysteries of the universe and the wonders of the atom, we are reminded of Your infinite knowledge that surpasses human comprehension. With reverence, we ask for the humility to learn from Your creation, to seek knowledge with sincerity, and to use it for the betterment of all beings.
Guide us, O Divine Source, to live lives that reflect Your compassion, kindness, and justice. May our actions be aligned with Your will, and may our hearts be vessels of love and understanding. Bless us with the courage to face challenges with unwavering faith, knowing that Your power sustains us.
In Your boundless mercy, shower us with Your grace and wisdom. Illuminate our minds, strengthen our spirits, and empower us to be beacons of light in a world that often yearns for guidance. As we navigate the intricate tapestry of existence, may Your presence be our constant companion, guiding us through the cosmic journey of life.
With gratitude and devotion, we lift our voices in worship of Your power and ask for Your continued guidance. In Your name, we pray.

The Echoes of Verdant Valor

A Soldier's Unfinished Symphony of Life
The tale of the slumbering soldiers unfolds as an unforgettable saga, where these valiant warriors rest in an ancient tomb, seemingly hidden by the embrace of nature's verdant coverlet. Over time, events are concealed beneath a quilt of foliage. Yet, who are these fearful soldiers standing sentinel in the fortress of nature? It depends on who narrates this story to you—whether a victor or a vanquished soul, an aspirant for power or one who values autonomy.
Let me weave the narrative of a soldier who sought to safeguard his fortress, drawn into a war not of his founding but compelled to enter. In a harsh night amidst the throes of battle, he etched his final testament, a poignant letter that might one day reveal the trials he faced. However, the hand of fate did not rest kindly upon him. An arrow released him from his mortal coil, and the quill slipped from his grasp.
Yet, others arrived, lifting the pen from the ground and inscribing two distinct slogans on paper, using the blood that had turned to ink. Some proclaimed him a martyr, while others labeled him a terrorist. Thus, two divergent voices resonated here—victim or perpetrator. Yet, let me transport you to a moment just before this soldier's demise, when with his lips, he whispered, "Long live!" However, he did not conclude the sentence until he jolted awake, completing it in that very moment with, "Long live life."

The Celestial Soup

Once upon a time, in a realm where an anonymous chef was renowned for creating delectable dishes, a subtle hint would escape his lips, "The soup is delicious, know that." Slowly, the chef's restless hands would spring into action, weaving the finest tale for his patrons to savor in a single, fulfilling bite.
This particular story unfolded in the mind of a man who yearned to unravel the secrets of the world in just one night. Alas, time was not on his side, and he couldn't wait until dawn. He ventured to the divine and asked, "Tell me, what is my role in these affairs?" God responded, "What is it that you seek?" The man pondered for a moment and replied, "In my solitude, I desire the ill of others, but in the presence of others, I wish them well." God acknowledged, "It is good that you possess intellect and contemplation, for there are those who lack it." The man questioned, "Are they condemned to ignore this crucial point? That if, in absence, you desire the bad for people and in appearance, the good, in reality, you will not attain what you seek?"
The heavens cast a gaze upon the earth, where individuals pursued their desires and ambitions in the pursuit of knowledge. Engaged in warfare, they aimed to conquer God, perpetuating malicious thoughts, spreading lies, and convincing the naive of their false beliefs. The man asked God, "Why did you create us?" God advised him to seek counsel from his parents.
In a moment of reflection, the man consulted his spouse on whether they should have children. His wife posed a poignant question, acknowledging the beauty of entering this world but highlighting its inherent challenges. She asked, "Are you willing to endure these hardships?" The man affirmed, expressing his desire for future generations to witness the material world. Grateful for the gift of children, the man returned to God, thanking Him for the bestowed offspring and the responsibility now in their hands.
Curious, the man inquired, "How can we awaken from this dream of neglect and perceive these celestial signs?" God responded, "I inscribe them on the stars so that your children may always see them in the celestial belt. Your imagination can rest assured, for no one can pull them down."
God, the guide and author of the celestial script, presented the heavenly book to the man and woman as a ring. They were to wear it on their fingers, a symbolic bond connecting them to the newborns entering the world. However, over time, they forgot the significance of the ring in the covenant of love, neglecting their responsibility. This broken covenant signified a time when they desired children but relinquished the duty of nurturing them, leaving the offspring free. It is crucial to understand that in such times, faith is forgotten.
Therefore, love and kindness bestow beauty upon life, while hatred and anger mar it with ugliness. The tale spun by the nameless chef echoed the intricate dance of human existence, where the flavor of one's deeds and choices shaped the essence of their journey through light and darkness.

People live their lives in various ways. If today were their last day, some might spend it in the best possible manner, while others might mourn and grieve. Nevertheless, life is like a journey within these rooms, where each stage of life, whether after death or birth in life, forms behind the doors in a way that, upon entering one of these rooms, life ends in one form and begins in another. But this door only opens in two directions, one towards brightness and light and the other towards darkness and silence. So, the choices we make in the current room shape the destiny of the next room. Therefore, the door that opens towards the light pours light through the gaps while entering the dark room, making the space even darker. Hence, be cautious throughout life to move towards the door that opens toward the light because here, you are choosing which one of these spaces of the next stage of life you have chosen, towards light or darkness.

Inspiring Religious Leaders to Embrace the Delo Series: A Vision for Humanity's Future

Dear esteemed audience,
In the realm of knowledge lies a series of profound texts waiting to ignite the minds and hearts of those who seek enlightenment. The Delo Series, a treasure trove of wisdom and insight, beckons us to embark on a journey of discovery, unravel the mysteries of existence, and pave the way for a brighter future.
But why limit ourselves to solitary exploration when we can share this transformative experience with the guiding lights of our religious communities? Imagine the profound impact if our revered religious leaders were to delve into the depths of these texts, unlocking their potential to inspire, educate, and uplift countless souls.
In a world beset by uncertainty and turmoil, the Delo Series offers a beacon of hope, a roadmap for navigating the complexities of our existence. Its pages hold not only knowledge but also the keys to unlocking our collective potential, ushering in an era of unprecedented growth and enlightenment.
Let us join hands and embark on this journey together. Let us implore our esteemed religious leaders to take up the mantle of exploration to embrace the Delo Series as a source of divine inspiration and guidance. Together, we can forge a path toward a brighter, more enlightened future for all of humanity.
With warm regards,
Amir Amini
This heartfelt appeal, crafted with passion and conviction, aims to touch the hearts and minds of its audience, inspiring them to embrace the Delo Series and the transformative power of knowledge.