An Invitation to Explore the Wonders of My Universe
Dear Professor,
I trust this message finds you well and in good spirits. Recently, I've been contemplating the intriguing notion of how one might introduce themselves to someone of genuine significance. How does one begin such a conversation? With wonder at their knowledge or with humility in their own self-introduction? Or perhaps, one may remain entirely modest, as if they were an individual entrusted with translating the language of the stars!
At times, it feels as though I've endeavored with utmost sincerity to extend these invitations to those held in high regard, sharing my humble efforts and intentions. Yet, when I observe that these invitations are executed with unreserved integrity, it leaves me in awe of the magnanimity of those who seek someone with such qualities, all while no one dares to scrutinize the details within my work.
I am left wondering whether it is the power of my books that deters anyone from engaging with them or if it's a reluctance to believe that I, as a mere human, exist and wish to share my beliefs with the eminent scholars and luminaries of this world. I am inclined to believe that it is the one who contemplates the principles and order of the universe, viewing it through the dual lens of good and evil, who perpetually finds themselves teetering on the precipice. And in the end, they must make a choice between darkness and light, for they know what destiny awaits them.
I sincerely and humbly choose the path of truth. Therefore, I implore you to, at the very least, peruse the contents of my humble books. Guide me on how I can share my findings with you, as these books are written in a simple and delightful manner, acquainting you with the wisdom of scholars. Through the cosmic dance and the symphony of atomic arrangements, you will clearly discern the divine letters on the periodic table, demonstrating that I have acquired my own encyclopedia through the study of the stars in the celestial constellations.
This requires examination, and I simultaneously request you to approach these book topics with fresh perspectives. For each link in the chain of discovery is found within every book, introducing you to the real world that surrounds us.
I look forward to your reply with genuine anticipation.