Unleash the Unfathomable:

Tap into the Infinite Power Granted, Awe-Inspiring and Life-Altering. Embrace the Boundless Potential Within, Unveiling the Extraordinary Force of "The Power of God."

Delo Knowledge: The Power of God (Not Written, but it might Come in Future)

Prepare to embark on a profound and empowering journey as we explore the untapped potential of the divine. "The Power of God" is an upcoming revelation that promises to leave everyone in awe. It will delve into the transformative force that humanity can harness, a force that will awe and amaze all who experience it. Yet, we recognize that such a potent gift must be handled with care and responsibility. Just like matches are not given to children due to their danger, the revelation of this power will be entrusted only to those who have truly become deserving of it. When one truly becomes an awakened and evolved individual deserving of wielding such extraordinary power, one shall be granted the key to unlock the wonders of "The Power of God." Stay tuned, for this unparalleled exploration awaits you on your journey to becoming the truest version of yourself.

Delo Knowledge: The Power of the Almighty (Not Yet Written)

Have you ever explored the potential within these seven layers of creation, intricately stacked upon each other, interlaced with six orbits? Researchers who unveiled the atomic bomb, witnesses of its explosion, or those who can fathom the energy released from the crust and core, envision yourself having control over it all! Realize what power lies within. How can we move in space? With gasoline or with the power of light particles!

Who is humanity? A thinker or a mere carrier! Understand that this power is not granted to a warlike and selfish individual. But in humanity, by that, I mean all of you humans on Earth, together and united, can partly access this power one day, even need it. So, embrace the New Era, as I call it "Delo Knowledge," derived from the root of the Persian language, meaning knowledge in the heart of water, and be proud. You can ascend gloriously by conquering your own selfishness and remember yourself as a brave and thoughtful being, for other thoughtful beings await you to join them. The power must be in the hands of humanity to preserve its essence. Therefore, you will attain this power when you become a true human.

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Not Yet Written

Delo Knowledge: The Power of God (not yet written)