Granting Wishes:

A beacon of hope illuminating lives, bringing dreams to reality for all in need. Embrace the power of a wish fulfilled, igniting joy and resilience in every heart.

Delo Knowledge Trilogy: A Journey of Wishes and Revelation

In this extraordinary trilogy, you will delve into the depths of my two initial wishes: to save your future generations from impending peril and to construct the harmonious city of "Bekan" from the proceeds of these books, exemplifying coexistence and tranquility. These wishes, though vital, lead to the revelation of the third wish, disclosed in the yet untranslated masterpiece "Delo Knowledge: The Revelation of the Third Wish."

In this book, I delve into mythical narratives, unveiling hidden wonders and concealed realms that surround us, invisible yet incomprehensibly vibrant. These exist beyond our sight and perhaps beyond our active perception, yet they coexist beside, beneath, and above us, intricately interconnected. My hope is to earn your trust, allowing me passage into these enigmatic worlds, as this revelation holds the key that might one day save you.

I recognize that after comprehending my discourse, this wish could become the collective aspiration of all. Thus, through mutual understanding and trust, we embark on a journey transcending time and space, paving the way for profound discoveries and the fulfillment of our shared dreams.

A Battle-Epic Tale: An Untranslated Journey

This book has been written in the beautiful Persian language, yet its English translation remains pending. I earnestly hope to transform it into English soon to introduce the world to its essence. However, I must apologize that the tone of this book is reminiscent of a battlefield, at times even composed in the form of martial poetry, making it a challenging endeavor to translate into English.

Nonetheless, the book embodies the spirit of a fierce battle, moving forward with determination while laced with words both sweet and tearful. Spanning from my birth to the present, the story is crafted like a grand battle, allowing us to march through the trials and tribulations of life's real struggles.

Delo Knowledge: The Revelation of the Third Wish

Welcome to the enigmatic realm of Delo Knowledge, where secrets await to be unveiled. As I've mentioned before, "The Third Wish" is a surprising dream that I will reveal at the right moment. Therefore, I invite you to actively participate, share your practical ideas, and explore potential research to join me in this journey. After familiarizing yourself with its content, you can accelerate the fulfillment of the Third Wish, a desire that will ultimately transform each and every one of you!

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Delo Knowledge: The Revelation of the Third Wish