End of Old Age

The King of the King, King Delo God (End of Old-Age), is an awe-inspiring masterpiece, a timeless testament to the pursuit of divine truth. Unveiling the profound essence of God through cosmic exploration and the intricate realm of atoms, this book offers a captivating journey into the mysteries of the divine, transcending time and space. A transformative quest where the wisdom of ages converges, illuminating the path to the ineffable mysteries of God.

The King of the King, King Delo God (End of Old-Age)

Welcome to the extraordinary world of "The King of the King, King Delo God (End of Old-Age)" - a profound book penned before the year 2020 AD, renowned as the Book of the Old-Age Era. This remarkable work revolves around the concept of God, with some modifications planned for a new edition under the title "The New Age" in the hope of God's guidance. While it diverges slightly from the contemporary insights found in the "Delo Knowledge" series, this book has the potential to prove the existence of the divine, the very inspiration that led to the creation of the "Delo Knowledge" series in pursuit of finding God.

Embarking on an unconventional journey, I delve into the cosmos to introduce the power of God, then traverse through the realms of atoms, revealing the ultimate presence of the Almighty amidst the particles of light and darkness. Ultimately, I present the One and Only God to you. These books are devoted to unraveling the mysteries of God, yet, as humans comprehend the world through analogy, I had no choice but to start from the end and journey back to the beginning. I begin with the cosmos to introduce the divine power, then explore atoms to reveal the transcendence of God amidst the realms of light and darkness, culminating in the revelation of the One and Only God to you. So, what you read is a tale of time, starting from the present and journeying into the past. Prepare to embark on a transformative quest, where the divine truths unfold, transcending time and space, guiding you towards the ineffable mysteries of God.

The Divine Duality: The Chronicles of the King Delo - God (Ancient Era)
In the absence of my connection with the divine, the captivating series of Delo books would have remained unwritten. Therefore, "The Chronicles of the King Delo - God (Ancient Era)" stands as a testament to my divine inspiration, propelling me to craft more knowledge-rich volumes. These books, a gift from the Almighty, bestow upon me the role of a humble translator.
At the heart of Delo's work lies the enthralling exploration of God, Light, and their relentless battle with Darkness. Personified as atomic particles of Light and Darkness or celestial entities like the Sun and Black Holes, these forces are ever-intertwined, inseparable, and eternally vying for dominance. Their presence resonates within us, manifesting as the dichotomy of positive and negative thoughts, which sway the balance of the world's intellectual equilibrium.
Amidst the complexities of our modern minds, the equilibrium between these forces has been disrupted, tilting us more toward Darkness. Yet, the unyielding nature of these cosmic energies remains constant, merely shifting their positions to engulf one another. Our thoughts and deeds originate from this delicate balance, shaping our destiny.
"The Divine Duality" presents a profound formula, illuminating the divine equilibrium between the forces of the One True Creator, giving rise to the interplay of good and evil. As you immerse yourself in this timeless wisdom, prepare to embark on a journey that transcends epochs and unveils the essence of existence itself.

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The King of the King, King Delo God (End of Old-Age)