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The King of the King, King Delo Universe (End of Old-Age) is an extraordinary revelation intertwining the Oz Calendar, Iranian Calendar, and Earth Calendar, guiding readers through the captivating realms of ancient cosmic wisdom. Unveiling celestial maps and secrets in the languages of legends, this masterpiece transcends time and offers profound insights into the cosmic wonders of black holes and celestial phenomena, making it a must-read for the seekers of ancient wisdom and cosmic truths. Embark on a transformative journey and awaken to the boundless mysteries of the cosmos with this awe-inspiring exploration.

The King of the King, King Delo Universe (End of Old-Age)

Step into the enchanting world of "The King of the King, King Delo Universe (End of Old-Age)" - a captivating book penned before the year 2020 AD, earning its title as the Book of the Old-Age Era. This extraordinary work delves into the cosmos, diverging from the contemporary chronicles found in the "Delo Knowledge" series. Within its pages, three ancient calendars are intertwined, decoding celestial maps from bygone eras and speaking in the languages of legends. Distinct from the Imperial Calendar, this masterpiece offers unparalleled insight into the discovery of black holes and further intricacies of celestial phenomena and their interactions with planet Earth.

The Chronicles of the King Delo: Unraveling the Secrets of Nearest Black Holes and Celestial Phenomena.

In this captivating book, "The Chronicles of the King Delo: Ancient Era," you will embark on a journey to explore the mysteries of the three nearest black holes and uncover their identities based on compelling evidence I have discovered. The exquisite work "The Precious," my first masterpiece, paved the way for this gripping narrative. It delves into the pursuit of the solar orbit through the lunar orbit around the Earth, tracking eclipses to unveil the hidden celestial realms, many of which are vividly depicted within these pages. By understanding the interconnected paths of the Moon and Sun, this book introduces my unique concept of the celestial picture calendar. Each black hole is meticulously revealed, and their implications are intertwined with current events, including solar flares. However, while it foretells the future to some extent, it does not precisely predict like the New Imperial Celestial Calendar.

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The King of the King, King Delo Universe (End of Old-Age)