In the name of the Divine, who encompasses both our inner essence and our intellectual capacities. This Divine Being is the observer of the radiant light that exists within us, and through this profound insight, perceives the boundless expanse of the universe.


I am Amir Kay-Khosro Amini, the author of nine books of "Delo" knowledge. These books include:

  1. The King of the King, King Delo Universe (End of Old-Age).
  2. The King of the King, King Delo Atom (End of Old-Age).
  3. The King of the King, King Delo God (End of Old-Age).
  4. Delo Knowledge: Universe, Earth Imperial Calendar
  5. Delo Knowledge: Atomic Structure.
  6. Delo Knowledge: Molecule.
  7. Delo Knowledge: Light, Electron and Positron.
  8. Delo Knowledge: Atomic Nucleus.
  9. Delo Knowledge: The Revelation of the Third Wish.
  10. Delo Knowledge: The Power of God (not yet written).

If I live long enough, I will rewrite three books from the old era, bringing the total to twelve plus one books.


Initially, the book called me "Moghan," by bringing the world's best calendar. As I could read the precise passage of time obtained from celestial phenomena; therefore, I became Magi of Earth Time. I am the only Magi who can deliver news of the era of King Delo to you with precision. Consequently, I welcome you to enter the new age.

In these books, you will find the path to liberation and power. For this reason, I desire to establish the "Moghan Society" to nurture the greater Magi. Those who are deserving of the secrets of knowledge can prepare themselves. These Delo knowledge books depict the seven-tiered structure of creation. Within it, I see the formations of particles rotating in a particular order and interconnected through a central portal. This coordination demonstrates the order that shapes the laws of the universe; thus, the ten Amini laws were created.

These books were written to discover God. However, as you humans understand the world through analogy, I had no choice but to start from the end and go back to the beginning. I first speak about the cosmos to introduce the power of God, then I delve into atoms to reveal the final hand of the Almighty amidst particles of light and darkness, and finally, I show you the One and Only God. Therefore, what you are reading is from the present to the past.

The name of these books, "Delo Knowledge," is constructed by combining two letters, "Del" and "O." These letters are derived from the Persian language root. "Del" means heart, and "O" means water in the village dialect. Thus, combining these two words, it becomes "Knowledge in the Heart of Water."


As a translator of the divine lines in celestial forms, I teach you the celestial angelic alphabet in these books so that you can distinguish all material objects arranged in the Amini periodic table of God's alphabet and read the connected and related words within molecules. And this a gift from God but written and translated by me.

At first, I freely offered you the knowledge of "Delo," but you ridiculed it, which deeply troubled me. It led me to delve into my thoughts, seeking a way to visualize and convey the world's image in your mind. Within the depths of my being, I witnessed a tumultuous wave of restless turmoil. I embarked upon the ship of a father's story, one who pondered how to raise his children without spoiling them too quickly. Along the way, the father tried various methods, but they bore no fruit until he devised his final plan. Perhaps his children would learn a lesson, although it was already too late, and time was running out. He advised his children that the path to happiness is not cheap, and they must strive to attain it. If they desired to inherit from him, they must put in the effort. Here I am, your ruler, demanding how much you will claim from my inheritance. Therefore, you must work for me and navigate this ship to its destination. The more support one offers on this journey, the greater the reward for their efforts.

Henceforth, sons and daughters joined hands, accompanying their father. And I, Amir Key Khosro Amini, wish to portray the role of this father. For this reason, you must now purchase and read this book of knowledge, "Delo," to find the path to happiness. And when the funds from your efforts accumulate through purchasing this book, the city of "Bekan" shall be built. Know that this city belongs to those who accompany me on this journey.